Hello there, stranger! Welcome to my visual diary that showcases my love affair with life, culture, and the world. This space curates my penchant for substance travel and learning about the cultural nuances of society by meeting strangers and experiencing life through their eyes. It aims to embody the freedom of living and passionately chasing your dreams. It is about self-reflection and lessons learned, about feelings evoked by certain places and people, and about the girl growing up after each homecoming. I do hope that my photos and words inspire you to continuously explore, express, and live.


I’m a creative professional who has been a freelance photojournalist for 13 years.¬†After years of being based in several cultural melting pots across Asia: Cebu (Philippines), Phnom Penh (Cambodia), China (Shanghai), and Jakarta (Indonesia) I remain passionate about lifestyle and documentary photography, specializing in on-location portraiture, current events, travel, and photo stories about strangers in their daily lives.

I enjoy using photos to tell stories of cultural nuances and mundanity, preserving them in perpetuity with my lens. My past work includes feature writing and travel photography for multiple publications, as well as composing press releases and copywriting for a wide variety of businesses and brands. At the age of 18, I managed my own column for a widely distributed local newspaper in the Philippines.