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Top 3 Quirky Dessert Places in Fremont, California

My cousins warned me, there isn’t much to do in Fremont but eat. Prior to Globetrot Girlfriend, the initial idea was called Go Feed the Girl–exploring the world one grub at a time–for obvious reasons. So EAT, you say? I’m totally down with that! For those who know me personally this article might come off a bit strange since I’m not really keen on sweets (I can hear collective gasps!). I can’t stand über sweet desserts. So having spent majority of my years traveling in South East Asia, the region is known for overly seasoning and overly sweetening food, I’d always skip dessert. Coffee with condensed milk instead of sugar? No, thank you. Sweet spaghetti? I’ll have to skip that.

Coming to the US was a breath of fresh on my palate. I love how most of the dessert places cater to my taste and although I still can’t finish one whole donut without downing half a bottle of water at least I can get through the first three bites. So I was on a dessert rampage trying to make up for sweet tooth deprivation. Fremont has quite an abundance of quirky and inventive dessert shops that I love exploring. And after almost a month here, I can finally give you a list of my top three favorite dessert places. If you love desserts and find yourself in Fremont be sure to check out these places!

They had me at unicorn donuts and although it was the cookie monster that ultimately took my heart it’s safe to say that their donuts are definitely more than just Instagrammable. You should also definitely try out their berry offerings. Among the three flavors we tried (cookie monster, blueberry, and s’mores) their blueberry has got to be my favorite. And it sure looks like their not stopping with their unique designs, you can see an entire wall filled with the most creative donuts you’ll ever see.

Rolled ice cream isn’t really anything new, but these folks took it to a whole new level and decided to create the rolled ice cream taco. Did that pique your interest? Because it sure did mine! They strongly believe that nothing beats the quality of fresh ingredients. And so they carefully source natural and as local ingredients as possible. From the standard to the most outrageous flavors everything is made in-house. On weekends, they also offer gelato buns–will definitely be going back for that.

Unlike most international food chains, Milkcow, Asia’s fastest growing ice cream chain, prides itself for making organic soft ice cream. And that makes their ice cream taste milkier and creamier than traditional soft serves. Even their toppings, which include organic honeycomb and liquid honey, fairy floss, double glazed caramel corn and bubble tea-like flavors are organically sourced without preservatives. Personally, it’s indeed the creamiest ice cream I’ve ever had!

If you ever find yourself in Fremont and need a place to cool off be sure to check out these places that offer the most distinctive desserts!


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Fremont has quite an abundance of quirky and inventive dessert shops. And I give you a list of my top three favorite dessert places.

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